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General Council:  2012 STATE OF THE CHURCH

Chairperson – Ken Maitland
Vice Chair – Glenn Holmes
Treasurer – Ruth Brady
Secretary – Zo Mulder

Christian Development Fundraising Membership/Memorial
Ruth Brady Donna Schwarz Heather Stirling (chair)
Sarah Kirwin FayEllen McFarlane(Chair) Jean Pierce
Michele Frater (Chair) Teresa Petry Jean Nidd
Monica Rigoni Rosemary Maitland Brenda Horwood
Ethel Robinson(Library) Gloria Moore Liz Waddell
  Alice Holmes Ethel Robinson
  Pearl Lennox  
Congregational Life    
& Work Music Director Worship Committee
Diana Griffiths (Chair) FayEllen McFarlane Ruth Brady
Susan Jay   Brenda Horwood 
Sharon Hughan   Darlene Gleig (Chair)
Lillian Sanders Outreach Gloria Moore
Marg Moore Darlene Gleig FayEllen McFarlane
Judy Scott Pearl Lennox Lynn Wahl
  FayEllen McFarlene  
  Barb Knapton(Chair) Stewardship/Finance
  Cheryl Rumley Ruth Brady (Chair)
Sunday School Leader   Elaine Holmberg
Michele Frater Ministry & Personnel FayEllen McFarlane
  Committee (Based  
Trustees on a 4 year term) Youth Group
Ethel Robinson Doug Hughan Representatives
Jim Moore Doug Thomson TBA
Brian Lennox Ethel Robinson  
Zo Mulder Jean Pierce (Chair) Maintenance
Gert Crockart   Dennis Horwood (co-chair)
Teresa Petry Presbytery Delegate Jim Moore(co-chair)
Elaine Holmberg Ruth Brady Glenn Holmes
    Brian Lennox
Presbytery Alternate Manse Ray Foster
Lois Marleau Jim Moore (Chair) Jean Nidd
    Doug Hughan


As directed at the Annual General Meeting, committees will be elected from the general Church congregation.

Each committee will elect one Chairperson who will report and sit on the Church Council as well as an Assistant or Alternate Chairperson to cover at the Church Council meetings should the Chair not be able to attend.

Council members may serve for a maximum of two consecutive 3 year terms and then must step down from council for a one year period.

Council members can only chair one committee.

Committee members may serve for a maximum of two consecutive 3-year terms on a particular committee.  They may attend the council meetings but only the chair (or alternate) would have a vote.

Each committee will keep their own records.

The committee will determine frequency of meetings.

A budgeted amount (requested at the Annual General Meeting) by the committee should be made available and empowered to spend within the approved budget amount.

It is suggested the committees be comprised of a minimum of 4 members.  Other people of the congregation may be called upon to assist as needed by the committee.

The congregation will elect:
Note:  Chair of council and secretary cannot chair another committee (conflict of interest).
Chairperson  (3 year term)
Vice Chairperson  (3 year term)
Secretary  (3 year term)
Treasurer  (3 year term)
Presbytery representative (2 year term)
Alternate to Presbytery (2 year term)

Worship Committee:

  • Requirement of full membership in the Kitimat United Church to serve on this committee.
  • Assist the minister in planning services including Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and/or any special services.
  • Will work with the minister by assisting the individual or family with preparation for Baptism.
  • Responsible for the worship service and sanctuary in consultation with the minister.
  • Responsible for obtaining pulpit supply when the minister is away, and ensures summer services are arranged.
  • Oversees to ensure up to date church records are maintained (Baptism, Funerals, Weddings, Confirmations, Transfers, Historical Roll).
  • Arranges for someone to coordinate lay leaders and scripture readers.
  • Arranges for banner rotation.
  • Arranges for communion and servers.
  • Other duties as specified in the United Church manual.

Christian Development Committee:

  • Oversees Sunday School – gives leadership in the recruitment of Sunday School Superintendent and teachers.
  • Oversees youth leaders and group.
  • Arranges for babyfold.
  • Co-ordinates the church picnic.
  • Adult education – bible study groups, workshops.
  • Confirmation Classes and Reaffirmation (orders bibles or congregational gift for confirmations).
  • Spearheads the organization of the Appreciation Luncheon with the Congregational Life and Work committee.
  • The church library falls under this committee.

Fundraising Committee:

  • Spearhead the fundraising for the church – many others will be needed and called upon to help set up and run the events.  Ideas for fundraising done in the past are:
  • Annual Congregational Christmas Bazaar (including craft nights).
  • Thrift/Garage Sales.
  • Fall Dinner (this could possibly include a silent auction or talent auction).
  • Will look into other fundraising ideas (do a play / strawberry social / etc.)
  • Work with other committees for special needs as requested.

Congregational Life and Work Committee:

  • Compiles list of Greeters and Coffee/Juice servers.
  • Organizes social events such as potlucks, breakfasts.
  • Assist Christian Development with the Appreciation Luncheon.
  • Organizes and serves refreshments for baptisms and following funeral/memorial services.
  • Buys supplies for fellowship hour and kitchen as required.

Outreach Committee:

  • Keeps the congregation informed of Outreach projects to the world and our community.
  • Arranges Minute for Mission (presented as part of our weekly service)
  • Organizes reverse offering – generally the last Sunday of the month.  Delivers groceries received to the Food Bank.
  • Organizes volunteers to work at the Food Bank, Tuesday and Thursday when it is the rotation for our church.
  • Collects and tallies Super-Valu sales receipts and redeems for food vouchers (given to the minister for distribution).
  • Ensures eyeglasses are forwarded to the Christian Blind Mission.
  • Collects Campbell soup labels for International Christian Ministries – money helps orphanages in Mexico and Central America.
  • Collects used stamps to be de-inked – money is used for cancer dressings.
  • Co-ordinates the Observer subscriptions.

Membership / Memorial Committee:
Membership Duties:

  • Keeps the Parish list up to date.
  • Reviews the Historic Roll:  adds new members;  sends transfer certificates;  notes removal of transferred members;  notes members who have become non-residents or deceased.
  • When new members are received, have them sign the old Historic Roll.  Be sure their name and other information is recorded in the new Historic Roll.
  • Arranges for farewell cards for congregational members or families leaving Kitimat to be signed and inserted in picture folder and forwarded to new address.  Note:  if a member, send transfer of membership upon request.
  • Ensures the Newsletters and Annual General Meeting Reports are distributed.

Memorial Duties:

  • Keeps the church memorial book updated by ensuring donations received are recorded.  Identifies previous donations received as memorials and ensures they are recorded in the memorial book.
  • Educates the congregation in regards to the memorial fund, the importance of memorial donations and how to make such donations.
  • Reviews the memorial donation card with the minister to ensure it is kept current.
  • Co-ordination of the Memorial Wreaths at Christmas.

Stewardship Committee  (Finance Committee):
The Stewardship Committee shall have the following duties:

  • to be responsible for the overall stewardship level of the Pastoral Charge so that its full financial potential may be realized. To this end the Committee shall review annually the total financial objective of the Pastoral Charge, that is, the needs at local, regional, and national levels;
  • to interpret to the Pastoral Charge why the funds are needed and
  • how they will be expended;
  • to keep in perspective and under review the proportions of money spent locally and regionally in relation to the amount provided for the wider work of the United Church through the Mission and Service Fund;
  • to cultivate knowledge and conviction concerning the mission of the church in all its aspects, among all age groups and by all media available;
  • to make available to the Pastoral Charge the materials issued through the relevant General Council working units;
  • through the use of approved methods of church finance, to secure commitment and participation in the mission of the church by the Pastoral Charge. To this end the Committee shall organize periodic visitations for stewardship purposes; and
  • to report regularly to the Official Board or Church Board or Church Council and to prepare an annual report for the Pastoral Charge.

Manse Committee:
Membership: Spouse of the Minister (or the Minister) will sit on this committee,

  • Member of the Trustees
  • Member of the Maintenance Committee


  • The care and maintenance of the manse and equipment. The Committee shall inspect the manse, equipment, and grounds annually, shall consult with the settled or appointed Ministry Personnel in regard thereto, and shall report to the Church Council with recommendations. A stated amount should be made available each year for manse purposes and the Manse Committee empowered to spend such funds (excepting major capital expenditures) without further reference to the Church Council; and
  • Seeing that the Pastoral Charge provides the settled or appointed Ministry Personnel with accommodation that is in every way suitable.

Maintenance Committee:

  • Responsible routine cleaning and maintenance of the church buildings.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of the equipment in the church
  • Responsible for the routine and major maintenance of the manse with direction from the manse committee.
  • Responsible for major maintenance of the church building(s)
  • Responsible to count of the weekly offering prior to delivering the monies to the Treasurer.
  • Will appoint one member to sit on the Finance committee.

Ministry and Personnel Committee:

  • Meetings. The Committee shall meet and shall report to the Church Council quarterly or more often as circumstances warrant
  • Membership. The Committee shall consist of not less than three (3) and not more than seven (7) members representative of the Pastoral Charge. Members of the staff of the Pastoral Charge, including members of the Order of Ministry, shall not be members of this Committee, and it shall not replace the Joint Search Committee in the event of a change in the pastoral relationship or a vacancy.
  • Duties. The Committee shall:
  • provide a consultative and supportive agency for the staff of the Pastoral Charge and for members and Adherents of the Congregation(s);
  • review working conditions and remuneration for the staff of the Pastoral Charge and make appropriate recommendations to the Church Council;
  • oversee the relationship of the staff of the Pastoral Charge to members of the Congregation(s) and others;
  • iv. oversee the relationship between and among different members of the staff of the Pastoral Charge with respect to their            responsibilities and authority;
  • consult with all members of the staff of the Pastoral Charge about their plans for continuing education and ensure that those eligible avail themselves of the provisions or continuing education and that money and time are made available.
  • review and evaluate annually the effectiveness of the staff of the Pastoral Charge as those persons and positions relate to the mission of the Pastoral Charge as defined by the Church Council;
  • maintain close liaison with the Presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee;
  • review regularly the responsibilities of all staff of the Pastoral Charge and revise position descriptions when required or requested; and
  • receive from each Ministry Personnel settled in or appointed to the Pastoral Charge, a current police records check, at the expense of the Ministry Personnel, no later than the completion of each three­(3) year period of the pastoral relationship.



  • Upon trust to use the trust property for purposes directed by the congregation and maintenance of public worship.
  • To obey all lawful orders and directions.
  • To permit use of the trust property for church, manse and Sunday School purposes.
  • To let and sell pews and burial plots and to let manses.
  • The trustees shall have powers to sell, mortgage, exchange, or lease the trust property with the consent of the Presbytery.
  • The trustees shall keep proper accounts and minutes.
  • The trustees shall have seven days’ notice of all special meetings and one day’s notice of other meetings.
  • The number of trustees shall not be fewer than three or more than fifteen, and vacancies shall be filled by election by the congregation, or in default of such election, by the Presbytery, and the property of a congregation which ceases to exist shall be subject to the trusts determined by Conference.
  • Trustees shall not be liable for involuntary loss